The Theatre Lab welcomes five new board members! - The Theatre Lab

The Theatre Lab welcomes five new board members this fall, our largest incoming “class” ever.

Julie Lloyd has taken many Theatre Lab classes and played major roles in many of our productions. She brings to the Board years of expertise as a digital communications, research, advocacy, and strategic planning consultant. Liz Whisnant is the principal of Horace Mann Elementary School and hopes to help The Theatre Lab expand our work with DC public schools, as does Amana Simmons, an accomplished attorney who has specialized in advocating for the rights of employees. Gil Gallagher has taught at the Field School (where Deb attended high school and Buzz used to teach) for 18 years, and brings a special interest in learner-centered design and integration of DEI work in the classroom. Rae Vann, whose husband Roger recently served on the Board and whose children Chad and Mozelle have participated in many Theatre Lab programs, offers her skills as an attorney specializing in labor and employment law, and her enthusiasm as one of The Theatre Lab’s most valued supporters and advocates.

And we are sad to lose Lisa Brown from the Board, but proud to report that she has just been confirmed by the Senate as General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Education. Lisa’s son Phil Cullen has been one our most active participants in summer youth programs for many years, and Lisa’s support and guidance on the Board will be greatly missed–though she’ll always be part of the Theatre Lab family.

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