Our Guiding Principles - The Theatre Lab

Our Guiding Principles

The Theatre Lab believes that theatre craft is a teachable and learnable art.

The Theatre Lab believes that theatre skills have personal and professional benefits both on stage and in other areas of life.

The Theatre Lab believes believes that theatre is a powerful tool for fighting oppression and advancing social justice.

The Theatre Lab is committed to being an anti-racist organization.

The Theatre Lab believes the strength of its community comes from its diversity and inclusiveness, and is committed to creating meaningful opportunities for all students in a welcoming environment.

The Theatre Lab believes theatre should elevate voices that too often go unheard.

The Theatre Lab believes in setting high expectations and ambitious goals for all students, regardless of experience and skill level.

The Theatre Lab prides itself in enabling all students to make perceptible progress in its classes and programs.

The Theatre Lab has developed a unique pedagogy with an emphasis on each student’s personal artistic growth and the primacy of respect between student and teacher.

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