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1st-6th Grade Programs

For students entering 1st-6th grades, we offer one and two-week summer camp sessions. Read on for group breakdowns, dates, times, and themes for each program.

At The Theatre Lab, our summer camp programs are divided into groups based on the grade that the student is entering in the fall. We place all children with their peers based on grade regardless of theatre experience. Camp is a very social experience and we want to make sure they are with a developmentally appropriate group. We keep our classes small and group age ranges narrow in order to provide both a challenging, engaging, and age-appropriate curriculum. 

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For students entering 1st-6th grades, we offer 1 and 2 week sessions.  Group breakdowns as well as dates, times, and themes for each program are listed below:

Bravos – Entering 1st and 2nd grade
Encores – Entering 3rd and 4th grade
Standing Ovations – Entering 5th and 6th grade

Camp Schedule:

Regular Camp Day: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Early Drop-Off: (8:00 AM-9:00 AM) $50/week
AfterCare: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM -$150/week

Bravos, Encores, Standing Os (programs for rising 1st-6th grade):

Session 1: (June 17 – 21): Theatre Games and Improv!

(no camp June 19)
Theme: Theatre Games and Improv!

Kick off your summer with The Theatre Lab! Designed for stage veterans as well as first-time campers, this program will combine skill-building activities with spontaneous fun. Campers will engage in theatre games, improvisation exercises, and team-building activities, fostering confidence and unleashing their imagination. Family and friends will be invited to join at the end of the week to check out some of the group’s favorite theatre games!

Session 2: (June 24 – July 5): Theatre Across Borders: World Theatre

(no camp July 4) 
(Final sharing to take place on Wednesday, July 3 to accommodate those who cannot attend on July 5th)
Theme: Theatre Across Borders: World Theatre

Join us as we discover the magic of theatre across the globe! Campers will delve into diverse theatre traditions, discovering how storytelling transcends borders. Students will explore theatre traditions and texts from various cultures and use what they have learned to create a final sharing that showcases their acting skills as well as a culture distinct from their own. Young actors will build their acting skills while learning to look at performance through fresh eyes as they build a global perspective on theatre and the performing arts. 

Session 3: (July 8 – July 19): Space Odyssey

Theme: Space Odyssey

Young actors will embark on an intergalactic adventure while building their acting skills! Campers will journey through the cosmos, exploring the wonders of theatre and acting with a Space Odyssey theme. Campers will engage in extraterrestrial improvisation, cosmic character development, and out-of-this-world scene work. They will craft their own space-themed script for the final sharing, transporting their audience to new dimensions! Join us for this cosmic collision of imagination, improv, and acting that is beyond the stars!

Session 4: (July 22 – August 2): Mythical Creatures and Legends

Theme: Mythical Creatures and Legends

Step into our enchanted world as we explore acting, improvisation, and storytelling within the world of mythical creatures and legends! Actors will delve into the magical world of folklore, bringing the tales and legends of mythical creatures to life. Campers will unlock their inner magic through improvisation, scene work, and creative character development as they work to create their own mythical script for their final sharing!

Session 5: (August 5 – 16): Shakespearean Summer

Theme: Shakespearean Summer

Dive into the timeless world of the Bard in this camp that is designed to make Shakespeare accessible and fun for all! Whether you are already a Shakespeare fan or a newcomer to the world of the Bard, this camp will lead actors through the language and brilliance of Shakespeare in a fun, high-energy, and approachable manner. Campers will engage in theatre games, Shakespearean scene work, and storytelling as they learn to approach his tales and language with confidence!

Session 6: (August 19 – August 23): “Drama-Lllama-Rama”

Theme: “Drama-Lllama-Rama” End of Summer Comedy Improv Week!

Celebrate the end of summer with this high-energy comedy improv camp! Campers will learn the basics of improv, storytelling, and comedy while putting their acting skills to work in improvisation games and exercises. Campers will be working towards an improv show/final sharing where they get to showcase their newfound skills that are bound to have their audiences laughing!

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