“This course was such a wonderful addition to my toolbox as an actor. This course has completely changed the way I think about acting and my creative process. Excellent!”
Viewpoints is a popular and powerful technique, originally developed by legendary acting teacher Anne Bogart, that takes a physical and vocal approach to creating theater and also serves as an actor training methodology that fosters listening, focus and collaboration. In this workshop students will work primarily with the physical Viewpoints (Spatial Relationship, Kinesthetic Response, Shape, Gesture, Repetition, Architecture, Tempo, Duration, and Topography), but will delve into some vocal Viewpoint work (Pitch, Dynamic, Acceleration/Deceleration, Silence, and Timbre) as well. Students will apply the work to short monologues and scenes. Come dressed to move.


Price: $350.00


Viewpoints - Early Spring
Price: $350.00
Start Date: 3/2/2019 | End Date: 4/6/2019
Day of the week: Saturday
Time: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Instructor(s): Joe Martin

Joe Martin has directed over 50 professional productions, as well as student productions at universities in the DC area. He is a four-time recipient of Fulbrights in Theatre for his international work, and a two-time recipient of Rockefeller Foundation grants for original theatrical creations. His credits include major works by Strindberg, Tennessee Williams, his own stage adaptation of Rumi’s MATHNAVI, Buchner, Dario Fo, Shakespeare, Brecht, Sam Shepard, Chekhov, Ibsen, among many others, including his own original works. He has been a regular instructor in Viewpoints at the El Haddawi Winter School for performance near Munich, and at summer institutes at American University and Catholic University in Washington DC. He is the author of several dozen original plays, adaptations and translations. Since 2009 he has been part of the faculty team building the Theatre Arts and Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, where he is a full-time lecturer.