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“They respect each and every student, and they treat everyone the same way - whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer.”
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The Theatre Lab offers the area’s most comprehensive theatre arts curriculum for adults, most taught by the area’s finest theatre professionals. With both in-person and online classes in acting for the stage and screen, musical theatre, voiceovers, playwriting, directing, and drama criticism, you can shape a unique training program that is right for you.

Financial Aid: In an effort to make more classes financially accessible to students during the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering more financial aid than ever. Apply by September 6 for early fall financial aid.

Theatre Lab members take 10% off full-price tuition (automatically applied to your account).

REFUND POLICY: For a tuition refund, you must withdraw at least 48 hours before the first class begins. A $40 cancellation fee will apply. Please review class policies before registering.

Public Health Policy: Until further notice, all students and faculty must wear masks whenever they are in the Theatre Lab building and must offer proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide negative COVID test results before each class meeting. At the beginning of each in-person class meeting, all students will also be required to complete a questionnaire to affirm: 1) that they are not experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 that cannot be attributed to another cause, and 2) that they have not recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. In-person students who are experiencing symptoms that cannot be attributed to another cause or who have had recent exposure will not be permitted to attend that class meeting.


Playwriting: Adaptation
Taught by Randy Baker
Meets: Tuesdays, 7-9:30 PM, 9/21/2021-10/26/2021
Tuition: $330

IN-PERSON COURSE: For beginning and intermediate playwrights. Students will examine and incorporate in their writing the structures and content of pre-existing sources (just as Shakespeare did) as a way to tell new stories. Each student will adapt a myth or fairy tale into a short play by the end of the course, and the plays will receive a reading by guest actors on the last day. Register now.


How Musicals Work
Taught by Evan Casey
Meets: Thursdays, 7-9:30 PM, 9/23/2021-11/04/2021
Tuition: $300

ONLINE COURSE: Join professional music theatre performer--and popular instructor--Evan Casey for an insider's look at some of the great musicals. Students will watch one musical per week at home on video and then discuss how it does what it does. What exactly are the roles of composers, lyricists, book writers, performers, directors, producers, designers, and technicians - and how do the best ones do what they do? How do music, lyrics, book, and design come together to create the wide variety of magical musical experiences we know and love? Join us to see how performers and audience members alike can enrich their experience of musicals through some in-depth study and guided discussion with other lovers of the form. Small fees for renting videos may apply. Register now.

Intro to Estill Voice Training
Taught by Steve Quintilian
Meets: Wednesdays, 7-8 PM, 9/22/2021-10/27/2021
Tuition: $150

ONLINE COURSE: Estill Voice Training® (EVT), popular the world over, is for anyone who wants to understand and improve their singing or speaking voice—singers, actors, storytellers, businesspeople, etc. No matter what your background or vocal goals, this intro to EVT will give you essential tools for understanding and improving your voice in just one hour a week. The skills developed in this online course will help you add strength, clarity, stamina and color to your voice. Participants will be given the chance to apply what they learn to individual song repertoire or spoken text. Register now.

Voiceovers II
Taught by Craig Klein
Meets: Wednesdays, 7-10 PM, 9/22/2021-10/27/2021
Tuition: $300

ONLINE COURSE: Students will receive more time recording in class, honing methods introduced in The Theatre Lab’s Voiceovers I class. New voiceover genres will be introduced, including video games, audiobooks, and industrials, as well as advanced techniques. Students will also explore more advanced real-world scenarios such as cold reads, timing, tags, and doubles. Successful completion of Voiceovers I or permission of instructor required. Register now.