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“They respect each and every student, and they treat everyone the same way - whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer.”
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Adult Classes

Classes take place entirely online via Zoom and require live participation at the scheduled times using your own device. Zoom is most effective when used on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. Students using a cellphone to access class are likely to experience reduced functionality that may limit their ability to participate fully in class. Please review the technical requirements necessary to take part in an online class before enrolling.


  • Tuition for each six-week adult class listed below is $300.
  • Theatre Lab members take 10% off full-price tuition (automatically applied to your accont).
REFUND POLICY: For a tuition refund, you must withdraw at least 48 hours before the first class begins. A $40 cancellation fee will apply. Please review class policies before registering.


In an effort to make more classes financially accessible to students during the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering more financial aid than ever. The application for Late Spring classes is due by April 12, 2021. Apply here.


Beginning Acting and Real-Life Applications

Intro to Acting

Meets: Thursdays with J.J. Johnson, April 22-May 27, 7-9:30pm
Also Offered: Saturdays with Dot Neuman, April 24-June 5, 10am-12:30pm

Our fun and fast-paced introduction to what acting is all about, specially adapted to maximize the benefits of distance learning. For anyone who's ever wanted to give acting a try – or those who haven't done it since that one time in high school. Register now.

Beginning Scene Study

Meets: Saturdays with MaryBeth Wise, April 24-June 5, 1pm-3:30pm

An intensive introduction to scripted work through preparation and performance of scenes and monologues. Emphasis on learning effective rehearsal techniques and expanding the actor’s range. Requires approximately 3–5 hours of rehearsal with an assigned partner outside of class each week. Taken together or in succession, this course and the Intro to Acting constitute essential training in the basics of the actor’s craft. Register now.

Finding Your Voice

Meets: Saturdays with April Harris, April 24-June 5, 10am-12:30pm

This class explores what it means to have a voice – in society, in a meeting room, in artistic practice, in public speaking situations, or in personal relationships. Students will use techniques drawn from The Theatre Lab’s award-winning Life Stories methodology to discover exactly what they have to say and to gain power and confidence in saying it. Each student will focus on the communication scenarios most important to them, with the dual goal of empowering the self and gaining concrete skills. Register now.

Listening: For Acting and Life

Meets: Thursdays with Theresa Caldwell, April 22- May 27, 7-9:30pm

If you want to be a better listener, acting training can help, and if you want to be a better actor, listening training can help. Learning to listen deeply and actively is a crucial and often overlooked step in achieving your full potential, in both dramatic and everyday interactions. So, here’s a drama-based course in listening that helps you better connect with your partner in a scene, a business meeting, or a relationship. Through work with both improvised and scripted conversations, you'll gain a clearer understanding of what active listening really is, a deeper sense of what it feels like to be “heard,” and a sharper ability to connect to other people - whether on stage or in real life. Taught by an actual Certified Listening Professional (International Listening Association)! This course works best when all participants are on screen, because it treats listening as a full-body activity. Register now.

Acting Skills


Meets: Tuesdays with Michael Russotto, April 20-May 25, 7-9:30pm

In the mood for something fun? Maybe even funny? This class will explore principles of comedy through intensive work on scenes and monologues, with some attention to comic theory and great comedic performances preserved on film. For students with scene study experience. Register now.


Meets: Wednesdays with Tonya Beckman, April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 26, 7-10pm + one more date that will be selected at a mutually agreeable time for the instructor and students after the course begins

Techniques for learning any English language dialect, with a focus on standard British (“Received Pronunciation”). Students will study specifics of this dialect and explore one other dialect of their own choosing, while learning the general principles of dialect acquisition, including sound placement, consonant and vowel substitutions, and how to find and use available audio and video resources. Register now.

Intensive Scene Study with Mitchell Hébert

Meets: Thursdays with Mitchell Hébert, April 22-May 27, 7-9:30pm

A contemporary acting course for students with some scene study experience. The goal is to build upon existing acting skills, helping students learn to identify objectives in a script, pursue actions in a scene, and create believable characters through specific physical and vocal choices. Participants will work with scene partners on weekly presentations of challenging scenes, with individualized attention given by the instructor to both current strengths and opportunities for growth. Register now.

Expanding Your Monologue Repertoire

Meets: Saturdays with Tonya Beckman, April 24-June 5, 1pm-3pm

Expert advice on how to find material, what different kinds of monologues every working actor should have at his or her disposal, and exactly what pieces are best for you. Students will finish the class having discovered and begun work on several new monologues. Register now.

Living Language

Meets: Wednesdays with Naomi Jacobson, April 21-May 26, 7-9:30pm

Words hold emotion, power, and action—but it’s up to the actor to give them life. Learn how to bring your intellect and unique perception to the words of a script to discover a fresh, personal interpretation of any character. Students can choose to work with monologues, poems, songs—anything built of words—and the skills developed in this course will apply to any type of acting—except mime. Register now.

Meisner Technique III: Performance

Meets: Mondays with Carol Cadby, April 19-May 24, 7-9:30pm

This course teaches students how to organically develop exciting blocking and work toward performance without falling into line readings and stilted behavior. The emphasis will be on creating dynamically staged performances where the actor continues to work impulsively, with truthful moment-to-moment connections, and from a personal place. Students will work on scenes culminating in a showcase performance for an audience. Prerequisite: Meisner Technique II, or other Meisner experience and permission of the instructor. Register now.

Film, TV, and Voice Acting

Acting in Closeup

Meets: Thursdays with Brenna McDonough, April 22-May 27, 7-9:30pm

Specialized training for aspiring TV and film actors with at least one on-camera class under their belts. The online format is perfectly suited for improving your screen acting skills in closeup—the skills of subtlety and interiority that are so crucial for camera work. Material will include both monologues and scenes with virtual scene partners. Actors will gain confidence, authority, authenticity, and focus through participation and professional evaluation. Register now.

Getting Started in TV and Film

Meets: Saturdays with John Judy, April 24-June 5, 2pm-4:30pm
This class will cover the ins and outs of all aspects of the film industry in the DC area, including commercials, corporate videos, indie and feature films, and where to look for auditions, jobs and performance opportunities. Class will include mastering the mystery of the self-tape audition. Students will work on-camera for weeks 5 and 6 for playback and evaluation. Register now.

Intro to Video Production

Meets: Mondays with Angelo Merenda, April 19-May 24, 7-9pm
For actors, singers, podcasters, business owners, and anyone else who wants to learn the technical skills required to create, edit, and stream your own performances, events, and other content in video and audio formats. Introduction to the most user-friendly (and cheapest) options for both recording and streaming, with lots of hands-on practice. Register now.

Narrating Audiobooks

Meets: Saturdays with Kim Schraf, April 24-June 5, 1pm-3:30pm

A great "side gig" for actors, audiobook recording is also a fulfilling artistic experience in its own right, and the skills involved have practical applications for all types of acting on stage or screen. In this course you'll learn to bring stories and characters to life with your voice. The course also includes information on setting up a functional recording studio in your home, and an introduction to the business aspects of becoming a successful narrator. Register now.

On-Camera Scene Study I

Meets: Saturdays with Brenna McDonough, April 24-June 5, 10am-12:30pm
An intensive course in acting for the screen. Students will rehearse scenes from plays, teleplays, and screenplays with special attention to what makes acting work well on camera. Work will be videotaped and playbacks will be analyzed. Some outside rehearsal required. Register now.

Video Game Voice Acting (offered on two days)

Meets: Mondays with Wes Johnson, April 19-May 24, 7-9:30pm
Also offered: Wednesdays with Wes Johnson, April 21-May 26, 7-9:30pm

Are you ready to voice video games, not just play them? This class is an exploration of character development, designed to help you stretch your abilities and bring the ACTING to voice acting. Immerse yourself in new worlds every week, build the skills required for success in the industry, and learn all the ins and outs of bringing video game characters to life. Register now.

Voiceovers I

Meets: Saturdays with Craig Klein, April 24-June 5, 10am-1pm

A first course in the art of voiceovers, including commercials, narration, and promos. Introduction to all skill areas, including copy interpretation, the physical use of the voice, the business of the VO biz, and home studios. All students will receive intensive recorded practice with critique. Students find that this course works as well online as in person. Register now.

Voiceovers II

Meets: Saturdays with Craig Klein, April 24-June 5, 2-5pm

Students will receive more time recording in class, honing methods introduced in The Theatre Lab’s Voiceovers I class. New voiceover genres will be introduced, including video games, audiobooks, and industrials, as well as advanced techniques. Students will also explore more advanced real-world scenarios such as cold reads, timing, tags, and doubles. Successful completion of Voiceovers I or permission of instructor required. Register now.

Singing and Musical Theatre

Beginning Singing

Meets: Wednesdays with Steve Quintilian, April 21-May 26, 7-9pm

Designed for people with little or no formal training, this course will emphasize healthy vocal production, breath control, phrasing, and ear training, in a fun and encouraging environment. Required text book: Sing at First Sight, by Beck, Surmani and Lewis. Register now.

Singing Rodgers & Hammerstein

Meets: Tuesdays with Bobby Smith, April 20-May 25, 7-9:30pm

A workshop in all aspects of musical theatre performance, with a special focus on the great works of Rodgers & Hammerstein. Explore the complexity and subtlety of songs from Oklahoma!, South Pacific, Carousel, and more, and develop the performance skills that are required to bring these classics to life. Professional piano accompaniment recordings provided. Register now.