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Thank You To Our Creative Resilience Campaign Donors!

Your support helps us continue to keep our dedicated faculty of theatre artists employed, so they can empower students from all walks of life and foster creativity and resilience in all of us at a time when we need them the most.

$25,000+ Premier Level Donors 

Lillian Kamen Fund

Osprey Fund

$10,000+ Diamond Level Donors 

George Cohen

Melissa Feinberg and Kenneth Gottesman

Dr. Roberto and Gisele Ifill

$5,000+ Platinum Level Donors 

Laura Einstein and Helene Blair Madonick

Mickey MacIntyre 

$2500+ Gold Level Donors 

Carla and Tom Crawford

David Crowley

Lisa Dickey and Randi Barnes

Barbara and Skip Halpern

Denise Hanna

Harry Knight

Harv Lester and Don McMinn

Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell

Michael Rodgers and Alan Roth

United Therapeutics 

Roger and Rae Vann

Buzz Ward 

Robert Weinzimer 

$1000+ Silver Level Donors 

Rich and Sue Bloch

Lee Casey

Elinor Farquhar

John Feist

Daniel Felton and David James 

Mary Goldsmith

Michael and Carol Joseph 

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Chuck O’Toole

Tim and Shana O’Toole

Shar Taylor 

$500+ Bronze Level Donors 

Julia Bailey

Nancy Bard

Alayna Buckner

Norman Dong

Mary Ester
David Gross

Joshua Halloway 

Elizabeth Jeppson 

Sandra Jerez
Julie Lloyd 

Mary Mitchelson 

Alexis and Michael Ronickher 

Nancy Sainburg and Roderick Carroll

Andrew Schwartz and Lisa Krim 

Andrea Sharrin
Keith Taylor 

Mary Tucker

Wendee Wolfson 


David Addis

Caitlin Bergin 

William Blumenauer

Michael Friedman

Sarah and Robert Haft 

Jeffrey Haslow 

Paul Horan

Alexandra Horowitz

Ruth Jaeger

Elizabeth Jewell

Larry Levinson 

David Pensky 

Jerry Rehm

Les Silverman 

Marty Smith

Alexander Tang and Robert Bagnall

Stephen and Liz Whisnant

Diane Willkens 


Babar Ahmed
Michele Arington 

Charles Armstrong

Eric Banks

Karen Becht

Leonard Breslow

Sally Brice and Kathleen Shank

Michael L. Burke

Jennifer Coates

Deirdre Cohalan
Marilyn Cruz 

Lucy Daigler

Diane Dalsimer 

Gabriela DeAnda

Courtney Dowe

Fred Douglis

Sherry Duncan 

Lakita Edwards

Nancy Evans 

Chai Feldblum
Bernadette Flagler
Erin Kaufman Gabrieloff

Paul Gamble 

Tina Ghandchilar

Rick Gondelman

Christine Grady 

Gordon Griffin 

Lynne Halbrooks

Gina and CJ Hall 

Genevieve Hanson

Kimberly Hoover
Schuy Jewell

Barbara Johnson 

Halina Karachuk 

Randall Kish 

Craig Klein 

Elizabeth Klein
Adrian Gibbons Koesters

Amy Kossoff and Rob Enelow

Susan Kulp

Kate Levin

Judith Lewis 

Eric Mader

Ramona Mason

Mary Merzbacher

Megan Morgan
Jay Morong 

Shane Mulhern

Toni Mauro Nasca

Carol O’Connell

Kathryn O’Sullivan 

Laura Paez

Jessica Philie Park

Dane Peterson
Jane Petkofsky

Russell Pittman

Cindy Reeves
Mark Rhea

Steven Ritz

Frances Rodriguez

Steven Rosenthal 

Iris and Gene Rotberg
Colleen Rutledge Brown
Michael Sandoval 

Mark Schlesinger

Joseph Schuler 

Susan Schulman 

Katrin Schultheiss

Tom Sherwood

Lori Smith 

Marcia Smith

Dorothy Stein 

David Taylor

Will Tiao

George Purefoy Tilson

Michele Zavos and Ellen Cull

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