February 2021 Audition Announcements

It's time again for Creating a Role, our unique learn-by-doing actor training experience. This time around the course culminates in a full production of Shakespeare's classic comedy As You Like It - with a twist! This version will feature extremely non-traditional casting, to give student actors a chance to really stretch themselves, and to allow audiences to experience the show through a fresh contemporary lens.

Our hope and our plan is to perform in person in May, assuming it's safe to do so then - and we look forward to sharing the joy of live theatre with you once again. If conditions require more caution at that time, director Randy Baker has a plan for that, too - either performing in person with no audience (or just a small one) and live-streaming to the audience at home, or if that's not possible either, creating an exciting Zoom performance that students will shoot on their phones or computers in and around their own homes. In-person performances may or may not incorporate masks and social distancing, depending on how safe everyone feels at that point. And of course we'll provide help and guidance along the way with any technology or safety procedures. However we end up doing it, we feel we've learned enough over the last many months to create a process and product that everyone will enjoy, learn from, and be proud of.

Join Rosalind and her cousin Celia on their journey of love, strength, and self discovery - and learn more about acting (and maybe even yourself!) than you ever thought you could in a single course. The journey begins February 23. Classes and rehearsals are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, culminating in performances in mid-May. Read more about the class instructors and tuition here.

Auditions are on Saturday, February 13 and Thursday, February 18 -- but don't worry: they're very relaxed and don't require any previous experience acting Shakespeare. And if you can't make those times, just let us know. Learn more about the class and sign up to audition.

And for the same type of hands-on training in musical acting skills, sign up for an audition for Creating a Musical Role, in which we'll be doing a full production of Working.