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Juliet Lloyd Pens New Song with all Proceeds to Benefit Theatre Lab School Of The Dramatic Arts


Elliot Lanes


February 24, 2022

Who says people are not giving back during this pandemic? Local singer/songwriter/actress is doing just that with the release of “Ghost Light”. It’s a song written about the struggles that theatres are having all over the world as the pandemic continues.

All proceeds from the song are going to the best area arts institution known as The Theatre Lab School of The Dramatic Arts. The organization will celebrate 30 years of greatness this year.

Ms. Lloyd is a 2018 graduate of The Theatre Lab’s esteemed Honors Acting Conservatory Program and also starred in their production of If/Then in the role originated by Idina Menzel.

Her original music can be heard on all of the popular streaming platforms.

Scroll all the way down to the official music video for “Ghost Light” and consider either purchasing the song or making a donation to The Theatre Lab School of The Dramatic Arts directly.

Juliet Lloyd’s talents and heart are the kinds of things that make are making it just a little bit easier for all in the arts industry. I think you’ll agree “Ghost Light” captures what our industry has endured but as the song goes “We’re still here!”

At what point in the pandemic did the idea for “Ghost Light” come to you?

It was a little over a year ago, so right around the time that everything was pretty much still shut down completely and had been for quite some time. I had seen friends sharing images of stages with the ghost lights lit and was so struck by the imagery and what it symbolizes.

How long did it take you from initial idea to recording the final song?

The song pretty much wrote itself! I love when that happens. It took maybe a couple of hours to work out at the piano, and then I had to revisit it a couple days later to finish up the second verse (which is always my nemesis when writing). I sat on the song for a long time and only played it at live shows a few times. I didn’t end up recording it until October of last year, after performing it at a neighborhood concert and having a neighbor tell me how much he loved the song. I thought – maybe there’s something here? And then it took another couple of months to decide how to release it and – most importantly – that I wanted to do a video for it as well. We filmed the video in January and February.

Why did you decide to donate all proceeds from the song to The Theatre Lab School of The Dramatic Arts?

Theatre Lab has been a huge part of my development as a performer since I first started taking classes there almost 10 years ago. I love everything about the organization and what they do – and am more than happy to do anything I can to support them and the work they do in making transformational theatre experiences available to everyone in our community. I think having gone almost two years without live theatre and live music makes us all more attuned to the importance of the arts (and experiencing them together) – so it’s even more important that we support the organizations that make that possible.

What is your ultimate dream for this song?

One – that it’s a source of inspiration and hope to my fellow performers and creatives. Two – that it gets a million streams so that I can give Theatre Lab a substantial donation. And 3 – to perform this song on stage at the Tony Awards. (which would go a long way toward accomplishing dreams #1 and 2!)

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