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Send a Kid to Camp 2023

Please help us show young people that they are not forgotten.

The Theatre Lab’s Send a Kid to Theatre Camp Campaign makes it possible for financially disadvantaged children to attend our award-winning summer acting and musical theatre camps.

In 2022, we awarded more than $125,000 in scholarships to 161 students, creating safe and structured artistic spaces through which students could re-acclimate to collaborative activities and in-person learning. This year we are doing even more—and your donation can help us directly combat what the American Pediatric Association has declared a national emergency in children’s mental health.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve invested resources in training faculty to create trauma-informed classrooms that not only engage imaginations but also teach children to recognize and reduce stressors. And these efforts have paid off: 93% of parents gave our camps the highest possible rating on evaluation metrics measuring quality of training, child satisfaction, and feelings of safety. Our students took on great drama with gusto—from Shakespeare to World Theatre Traditions to Musical Theatre and Comedy Improv—reminding us all that theatre is a joyful pursuit that connects even the youngest of us to our shared humanity.

Please donate to the Theatre Lab’s Send a Kid to Theatre Camp 2023 Campaign
Every year The Theatre Lab is flooded with financial aid requests for our summer programs. The COVID pandemic has caused additional hardships for many area families who need help providing their children with an inspiring and educational summer. To ensure we can continue to support our community and give generous scholarships, every dollar you give goes directly to a child.

Just $990 will send a kid to camp this summer, and every donation—no matter its size—has a major impact! For some young people, it’s a chance to see themselves as creative artists for the first time. For others it is the beginning of a lifelong journey. Our camp alumni have gone on to top arts schools in the country, including Juilliard, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU, many on full scholarships.

  • $50—Lunch and snacks for 2 students
  • $100—Lunch and snacks for 4 students
  • $250—Art supplies for 5 students
  • $500—Costumes for 10 students
  • $990—Tuition, food, and extended day-care for 1 student (I just sent a kid to camp!)
  • $2,500—Tuition, food, and extended day-care for 3 students
  • $5,000—Tuition, food, and extended day-care for 6 students

We’ve been there for our region’s children for 30 years, and we’re here for them now.

Thank you for making a dramatic difference. 

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