Guests and volunteers at 2016 Auction
“I felt a connection to those guys, realizing that they’re really just kids who have big dreams for themselves underneath it all. This is their life story. This is what they go through every day. I left feeling a real connection and affection for them – I left rooting for them.”
Theatre Lab Volunteer, Life Stories at New Beginnings


Volunteers are an invaluable part of The Theatre Lab. As a nonprofit organization with a small staff, we rely heavily on our volunteers’ generous donations of time and energy. Whether you are looking for a one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunity, we have something for you.

What Do Our Volunteers Do? Everything!

—Work in our award-winning youth drama programs.

—House-manage our youth and adult productions.

—Assist with lights, sound, and costumes.

—Provide general office assistance.

—Lend a hand at our spring and fall galas and fundraisers.

—Help out with our Life Stories program.

Who Do We Accept As Volunteers? Everyone!

Whether you are a retiree, a high school or college student, or just someone who wants to give back and help make arts education accessible for everyone, we encourage you to come and join our fabulous community of volunteers. If you would like to receive volunteer opportunity updates, please email