2015 Life Stories Wounded Warriors participants
"As we begin work with these vets, I've already been privileged to discover how eager they are to share their stories - both the harrowing and the inspiring - and how important it is for the rest of us to hear what they have to tell us."
-- Instructor Buzz Mauro


Wounded Warriors

The Theatre Lab has teamed up with the Wounded Warriors Project to offer our groundbreaking Life Stories® program to returning veterans. Using techniques in improvisation and storytelling, participants share experiences and create original monologues based on their real-life stories. The program began with two one-night workshops in Fall 2015 and will expand to a full six-week session in 2016. The initial workshops have been met with great enthusiasm.

According to instructor Buzz Mauro, "As is true of many of our Life Stories groups, a lot of stories are told about our veterans, and we don't hear enough from the veterans themselves. Our wounded warriors, whether dealing with PTSD or physical injuries, have made sacrifices that most of us can barely imagine. "