The Kids' Table: Original Cast Recording

The Kids' Table  Original Cast Recording

Music by Buzz Mauro
Lyrics by Buzz Mauro and Renee Calarco
Book by Renee Calarco

Performed by The Theatre Lab's Musical Theatre Institute for Teens 2017

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Recorded live July 20-22, 2017
Mixed by The Ward Recording Studio

The Kids' Table Original Cast Ensemble

Airen: Rachel Lipetz  Alex: Jackson Miller  Angel: Max Rome  Brett: Morgan Vaughan  Chris: Arjun Guidroz  Danny: Nicholas Cadby-Spicer  Frankie: Carolyn Best  Hayden: Kylie Marco  Joey: Jordan Brown  Kai: Daniel Waldman  Lin: Hallie Friedman  Misha: Brandon Goldberg  Nicky: Magdalena Dalzell  Sam: Caroline Kinney  Shawn: Zeke Albro  Tamar: Carolyn Nee  TJ: Chad Vann  
Gigi: Zoe Alexander, Shannon Cleary, Amber Coleman, Liza Harold, Julia Laje, Henry Niepoetter, Ciara O'Toole, Grace Rafferty, Augusten Touhey, Brandon White, Sayaka Yamamoto
Ensemble: Angelica Angdisen, Lillian Bassow, Philip Cullen, Elana Cura, Leah Dawson, Ciara Hargrove, Mia Humphrey, Franny Jensen, Ethan Schwartz, James Steinman
Keyboards: Alex Tang and Camille Belleza
Drums: Manny Arciniega

It's Thanksgiving. An elusive, wisecracking, great-grandma has summoned her enormous brood of great-grandkids to make a big announcement. Seated around an endlessly long "kids' table," cousins clash with cousins and siblings with siblings as they vie to find their rightful places in the family -- and in the world.

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