Created by 80+ people at The Theatre Lab and Mission Partners’ Virtual Sunday Supper
April 26, 2020

We are from Memory Park and Wild Rice Pilaf
We are from Meatloaf on Tuesday Nights, It Had to be You, and 6 Silver Spring Court
We are from Moon River
We are from fresh peas picked on my cousin’s farm on the windy plains of North Dakota
We are from honesty and loyalty and Grampa
We are from playing red light green light in the court behind the house until the street lights came on
We are from our daughter Dena, who through her participation in Theatre Lab has fulfilled us and so many others whose lives she touched, and who has made us better people
We are from MMMBop!
We are from pizza and too many to list
We are from Disney
We are from The Wizard of Oz and the theater downtown at Christmas
We are from under the bridge
We are from Drake’s Yodels and Ring Dings
We are from “no tap dancing in the grocery store aisles”
We are from bologna on white bread - delicious as a child and disgusting now
We are from John Wayne movies and ELO songs
We are from our mentors, who taught so much about life, and singing “Be Our Guest” in true Lumiere fashion
We are from the alley and crabapple trees and playing duets with Ulrike behind the Berlin Wall
We are from Liza Minelli, pretending to sing “Life is a Cabaret, Old Boy”
We are from the Crisco mom ate as a child
We are from crowder peas and speckled butter beans
We are from see ball and somewhere over the rainbow
We are from Dit Dit Dit and Spit
We are from the National Arboretum in front of the azaleas at Easter
We are from the mimosa tree in the front yard, from climbing, reading books and hiding
We are from Ralph Nader and “All That Jazz”
We are from Mary Lou Retton where I scored a 10!!
We are from Buzz Mauro and Sound of Music in MacArthur Park.
We are from “Lean on Me”
We are from “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “now I am a steel girder in some other folks' bridges” and “sometimes I'm scared I'm not up to the task”
We are from Candyland where most everything is an Impossible Dream
We are from baloney-and-Ritz-cracker-with-ketchup sandwiches made with Buzzy when Mom wasn't home
We are from green chili stew, fresh Navajo tacos and dry-farmed pinto beans
We are from anything cheese related because cheese is AMAZING
We are from textured vegetable protein in Moosewood’s moussaka
We are from Mama Haze and double-dutch
We are from koosa, kibble and grape leaves
We are from the underground fort in my backyard
We are from the bedroom reading books and spinach from a can
We are from “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra
We are from “Friends in Low Places” and “Honesty”
We are from slimy squid in spicy red spaghetti sauce on Christmas Eve and Louis and Greg
We are from Hamilton, Newsies, and Paul McCartney
We are from Harold Washington and The Sound of Music
We are from Florida beaches and surf shops that smell of Sex Wax
We are from the backseat of a 1972 AMC Gremlin in Montville, NJ with my Dungeons & Dragons friends
We are from playing jumping Jax and gin rummy on a hot sunny summer porch
We are from Red Beans and Rice every Monday
We are from Eggroll at our only Chinese restaurant and “It’s my party and I'll cry if I want to” … about Beth
We are from the woods behind the house and Persistence and Patience and grandmothers and hopscotch and Yahtzee
We are from "everyone who smiles in your face is not your friend" and "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"
We are from the immortal words of Martin Luther King
We are from ice skating jumping high in the air and the wood bicycling
We are from the treehouse that was always filled with my brothers
We are from summers at Spray Beach NJ, and summer camp at Camp Rosary
We are from Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Tutu
We are from overcooked liver and onions and dry Lima beans
We are from Martin, Maya, and Obama
We are from "Hot Fun in the Summertime”
We are from “Be kind. Be responsible.”
We are from parents and we are from sisters
We are from skeeball and somewhere over the rainbow
We are from liver and onions
We are from “Let It Be”
We are from Nantucket and the Temple of Dendur wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
We are from UCP, Camp Jawonio, sitting by the campfire and singing songs
We are from the neighborhood clubhouse and off-season at beaches
We are from giving gifts, high road, people passed on, Out of Africa and Pictionary.
We Are From