Actors perform in Columbinus 2016
“To see her on stage today, you would have never known how much she struggled with speaking in front of a group. Thank you for helping her build her confidence!”
Parent of a Summer Acting Camp Student

Teens (ages 13-19)

Programs for Teens (ages 13-19)

Each summer more than 100 young people from all over the metropolitan area take part in The Theatre Lab’s acting and musical theatre institutes for teens.

We offer serious theatre training taught by seasoned teachers and theatre professionals in a unique environment that’s friendly, supportive, and fun.

Teens throw themselves into The Theatre Lab’s programs with abandon. At the end of every session students tell us they’ve grown over the summer—both as artists and as people. 

During the school year we offer a variety of six-week courses for teens such as On-Camera Acting, and Scene Study; classes meet once a week on Saturday. 

West Side Story - 2014 Theatre Lab Musical Theatre Institute for Teens




Recognized by The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities as one of the 50 “top arts and humanities-based programs in the country serving youth outside of school hours,” our youth program is about more than just developing acting skills. Taught by some of Washington’s best-known theatre professionals and educators, our camps and classes emphasize the benefits of drama training both onstage and off—from increased self-confidence and communication and teamwork skills, to a desire to stay active in mind and body.