Intensive Scene Study with Naomi Jacobson

“I learned a lot in this course and was able to pick up new techniques in practice."

A contemporary acting course for students with some scene study experience. The goal is to build upon existing acting skills, helping students learn to identify objectives in a script, pursue actions in a scene, and create believable characters through specific physical and vocal choices. Participants will work with scene partners on weekly presentations of challenging scenes, with individualized attention given by the instructor to both current strengths and opportunities for growth.


Price: $300.00

Online Class: Our Winter 2021 classes will take place entirely online via Zoom. Classes require live participation at the scheduled times using your own device. Zoom is most effective when used on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. Students using a cellphone to access class are likely to experience reduced functionality that may limit their ability to participate fully in class. Please review the technical requirements necessary to take part in an online class before enrolling. If these requirements pose any difficulties for you, please let us know.

Financial Aid: In an effort to make more classes financially accessible to students during the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering more financial aid than ever. If attending our courses at this time at full price would be difficult for you, please apply for assistance. Winter 2021 financial aid applications are due by January 4, 2021.