Fast-Track Intensive Actor Training Bundle

$950 (three classes - $1200 value)

Please note that no substitutions or refunds are possible, and all bundle classes must be taken by a single student. Membership and other discounts are not valid on bundles.

Any 3 of these classes:

Bonus: 3 half-hour mentoring/coaching sessions with Theatre Lab Director Deb Gottesman (two by phone and one in person).

Call us at 202-824-0449 for personal guidance on bundle purchases, and to make sure space is available in all the classes you are interested in. No substitutions are possible, and all bundled courses must be completed by the end of the Late Fall Session of 2019.


Fast-Track Intensive Actor Training Bundle - Early Fall
Price: $950.00
Start Date: | End Date:
Day of the week:
Time: -
Instructor(s): Theatre Lab Instructor