Estill Voice Training Class

Vocal knowledge is vocal power.  Estill Voice Training uses science to teach voice.  EVT exercises are effective tools that will reveal the beauty in your voice.
“Everyone has a beautiful voice…you just have to know how to use it!” – Jo Estill
What does having a “beautiful voice” mean to you?
A strong voice that commands the attention of crowd?
A versatile voice that sounds like your favorite recording artist?
A clear voice that calms your friends and family?
Vocal Versatility and Vibrant Health
Estill Voice Training promotes body awareness and mindfulness to give you the confidence that your voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge you may face in performance and daily life.
What are your vocal challenges?
My voice gets tired at the end of my work shift
My voice is fatigued and I lose range after long rehearsals
My voice is hoarse and weak after a night out with my friends
I’m losing my high notes as I get older
I’m an opera singer and want to belt without straining my voice
I need to change the color of my voice when singing different musical styles
Estill Voice Training courses and teachers are dedicated to seeing you reach your personal vocal goals.
The Theatre Lab is pleased to present this special offering. Please read full registration instructions to ensure your spot in the class.
PLEASE NOTE: You will also need to place a $65 registration for materials at Estill Voice International on our course page, here. Please return to this page for your class registration.