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Summer Acting Institute for Teens

July 18-August 12

Tuition:  $1,200
Need-based scholarships available.

Tell Me Something Good by Audrey Cefaly
Program Director: Deb Gottesman, Production Director: Randy Baker

A unique four-week training program for ages 13-19
The Theatre Lab’s Summer Acting Institute for Teens is designed to immerse young adults in the art of acting—from mastering the essential principles of the craft to participating in a public performance of a challenging contemporary work at the end of the four weeks. The curriculum includes audition seminars, improvisational workshops, voice and speech training, movement training, and scene study, as well as special programs designed to give interested students insight into the workings of the professional theatre community.

In addition to the daily training, students will present the area premiere of Tell Me Something Good by renowned playwright Audrey Cefaly. A stunning exploration of loneliness, love and redemption, this play tracks the lives of multiple characters struggling with how to connect in a chaotic world. This summer offers students the unique opportunity to work on a new play (Ms. Cefaly will be involved in the process) that provides exceptional opportunities to explore complex relationships and character development. The summer program is directed by actor Deb Gottesman, a founder and co-director of The Theatre Lab, and includes a staff of highly trained instructors and specialists including award-winning director Randy Baker (Rorschach Theatre), who will direct the final production.


Summer Acting Institute participants take all of the following courses: 

THE DRAMA WORKSHOP: An improvisational workshop designed to explore core acting skills, including: creating a character, activating needs, developing spontaneity and focus, and communicating effectively with others on stage. Students will be challenged to discover new ways of thinking, expressing themselves, and creating. 

AUDITIONING: An intensive seminar designed to prepare students to perform monologues in an audition setting, this course focuses on developing confidence, rechanneling nervous energy into creative energy, and using the body and voice effectively to tell a story. At the conclusion of the seminar, students use their monologues to audition for Tell Me Something Good. All students are guaranteed substantial and interesting roles. 

STAGE MOVEMENT: Designed to increase the actor’s range of movement and physical expressiveness, this course incorporates elements of mime, character development, and improvisation, as well as training in relaxation and posture development, in order to maximize the potential of the body on stage. 

VOICE AND SPEECH: Designed to give students the skills they need for clear, effective and character-specific speech on stage, this course focuses on developing proper breath control, improving diction and projection, and maximizing the flexibility and range of the voice. 

SCENE STUDY: An intensive exploration of scripted work, this course focuses on developing the actor’s process through the introduction of powerful rehearsal techniques. Course culminates in a public performance of Tell Me Something Good.

In addition to the above classes, students participate in a variety of special workshops—such as acting for film and TV, video game voice acting, and stage combat—led by guest artists from the Washington theatre community. 

Schedule: July 18-August 12 (12pm-6pm), Evening Performance August 12

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